Barbara Shapel, Contemporary Fiber Artist

Division I

Division II

Division III

Divisions I, II, III - Back Detail

Artist Statement:
In 2003 I was going through a divorce and it was a particularly difficult, lonely time. Since the act of quilting is a meditation for me, I desperately wanted something to quilt. I quickly put these three panels together, which represents my three children. Each panel is divided into three sections, which represents the percentages my ex-husband and I were discussing at the time (55/35, 50/40, 45/45 with 10% reserved for the children). On the back of the piece, I drew a large ginkgo leaf that spans all three pieces. It represents that no matter how much we each might like to separate ourselves from others, we are all still connected.

Cotton and hand-painted cotton fabric with metallic paints; metallic and invisible threads
Each panel measures 42” h x 17” w; 42”h x 53”w when combined together.