Barbara Shapel, Contemporary Fiber Artist

Color Blocks IV (front and back)
54"h X 32"w

Artist Statement:
I’ve always been fascinated with creating pieces that are two-sided. Each quilt, whether it is designed to be so or not, has two sides. I choose to create pieces that offer the viewer something to look at if they take the time to look at the other side. Sometimes it is just having a solid back fabric and changing the bobbin thread, so that a thread painted version of the front appears on the back, such as with the Blue Heron pieces. Other times, I’ll have pieces of fabric that correspond directly with fabric on the front of the piece, such as with my Color Blocks series. This offers lots of design and quilting opportunities.

4rd in the series of Color Blocks Quilts.

Cotton and hand-dyed rayon fabric; cotton, rayon, polyester, and invisible threads
54” h x 32”w

• 2004
     Clark County Quilter’s Quilt Show
          Judge’s Choice
          1st Place, Wall Appliqué, Judged